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Every Muslim Praise Allah, who has honoured us with the Quran, and chosen for us the noblest of languages, the Arabic language, the important part of Islam, and knowing our Arabic is an obligatory duty. Without any doubt, all Muslims need to learn their Islam well. Including the fundamental basics of their beautiful religion but learn Quran online and read Arabic correctly are hard tasks, especially if your mother tongue is not Arabic.

You might have been studying the Quran on your own by using some apps, but you still have problems with reading the Quran fluently. Learning Quran by yourself is not easy, but you would be better if you would have lessons with excellent Quran tutors.

Online Quran teaching.

To learn Quran online is the outcome of technology, where the students can learn how to recite the Quran and related course of Tajweed, Arabic and Quran online. It is as eligible as face-to-face learning way to read the Quran. The environment of the class consists of voice call and screen sharing leading to an interactive, live Quran learning session with one on one learning. Children, grown-ups, men and women all alike can start Quran learning and learn how to recite the Quran online. The certified Quran teachers and female Quran tutors deliver the lectures and guide on the rules of Tajweed, teach the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters and application of all Tajweed rules.

What Makes an Excellent Online Quran Tutor?

Tutoring students is too much responsibility, but it can also be one of life's most rewarding experiences. It is a great distinction to be a Quran tutor, special honour and recognition, to convey the words of the Quran and its authority to the next generation. A Quran teacher with essential qualification is a need of our community.

There are many sayings in the Holy Quran confirm that the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) was the best Quran teacher of Islam. He was a kind teacher with good manners who was considerate towards his followers. He would always listen to them and repeat everything thrice. Despite the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) had no education, neither did he know how to read or recite, but he taught Islam to thousands of Muslims. He taught with love, care, and the main reason why he was such an important and skilled tutor of Islam, was his capability of having the command over Islam and its principles.

When Muslim starts looking for an Online Quran Teacher, there are some things that he would always want, tutor, to own. When one is willing to pay the cost for the online classes, he would definitely, want his online tutor to be something close to perfect.

There are many occasions where the teacher makes mistakes. There can be times when the teacher is unprepared for the lecture, the tutor ignores the questions of the students, as he does not know the answer to the questions asked, he might give the wrong answer to the question that was he was asked, etc. However, these things can be slightly, overlooked in certain situations, but when it comes to teaching the Holy Quran; there is no room for error.

- Knowledge of the Subject.

This is a very significant factor when it comes to the qualities of the Quran online tutor also the most basic and important of all the qualities that make up a good teacher. One cannot teach unless he has a sound knowledge of the Holy Quran.

The knowledge of the subject is important because when a student wants to memorize the Quran, he will need as a priority, to be taught the basics of the Quran recitation. This task has to be done progressively in steps so that the learning would be effective.

- Patience.

To be an online Quran teacher is not an easy job. There is no doubt regarding the fact that this is a complicated thing to do. Being an excellent online Quran tutor requires one to be extremely patient. That means to have the right amount of understanding with the students. Until the student satisfied and convinced, the teacher might have to repeat all of the lessons over and over. This requires not only effort but also a great deal of patience.

- Confidence.

Along with patience and command over the subject, tutors are also required to be confident. Online Quran Tutors should have the ability to judge their students and talk to them about various problems.

There would be several times, the student would not talk to the tutor himself. Therefore, the tutor has to be confident enough to go to the student and ask him. Online Quran tutors are required to motivate their students and remind them to work hard. It is fundamentally important to encourage the students and ask them to work harder to achieve the goal they had desired.

Not only male tutor.

In Muslim society, most of the females want to learn Quran online with a female tutor. Moreover, some Muslims families may prefer male teacher for their sons and female teachers for their daughters and sisters. That is why many Quran learning websites have designed their online classes for these daughters for their ease by hiring female teachers, and they have complete knowledge of the Quran.

So many families can now able to find the best online Quran female tutor who can help in Quran learning online, or for Quran memorization. The female Quran tutors can deliver the lectures and guide on the rules of Tajweed, teach the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters and application of all Tajweed rules.

However, we must highlight that taking in the Quran is one of the significant obligations of a Muslim. It is a fortune for everyone, and whether one chooses an Online male or female Quran tutor, he or she should seriously focus on online Quran lessons and follow his teachers' instructions. If it is a duty to understand the Quran, it won't be understood without learning Arabic with an excellent tutor.

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