I’ve been having online Tajweed lessons for around three months now and after each weekly lesson I feel I have improved my reading skills profoundly. Though my tutor is in Egypt, we interact with each other very easily as if it we are face-to-face. The Azhar Quran has excellent online facilities to learn. My teacher has an Ijaza to teach the Holy Quran, speaks fluent English and is always punctual and highly professional. I truly feel blessed and thank Allah every day for giving me this opportunity to learn how to read the Blessed Book of Allah.


Azhar Quran have helped me make huge improvements in my Qu’ranic recitation in a short span of time. By tailoring their teaching to my particular strengths and weaknesses, they were able to take me from sounding out individual letters to (quasi) fluent reading, with full Tajweed in little over 3 months. This ability to get results, interleaved with the delivery of broader traditional teachings, makes Azhar Quran the go-to place for contemporary Islamic education.


When I started my quest to improve my recitation, I had difficulty finding course providers who could offer me the support and encouragement I needed. Azhar Quran recharged my motivation to learn to recite the word of Allah and after a short period of dedicated study, I feel I am able to do so with little struggle Alhamdulillah.


During my late teens I drew closer to the deen by Allah’s grace, then soon began reading and listening to recitations of the Holy Quran more. I felt it increased my faith in the religion. After searching for a suitable place to learn, I came across Azhar Quran. The small, friendly classes were the perfect environment for me to settle in comfortably and begin learning to read. My tutor is always encouraging and supportive and perfectly suited to guide me in my classes, perfecting my reading of the Quran in accordance with the rules of Tajweed. I have almost completed the beginners steps to reading and will soon begin to read the Quran, inshaAllah.

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